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>> Monday, December 14, 2009

This is a long overdue update on our adoption process. We’ve finished the hard part of the home-study and we’re now waiting (and waiting and waiting) for the home-study to be finished by the home office. I say finished because we’re not positive what’s taking so long. It was sent to Atlanta two weeks ago and as far as we knew it only needed some signatures before we could move on with the process.

I already made the point in the last post that adoption is all about hurrying up so you can wait some more. I actually just re-read my previous post before writing this one and was somewhat encouraged. I’ll be sure and use this as an illustration next time I’m preaching about the value of journaling.

The waiting thing is expected and we’re getting through it. The bigger issue recently has been related to finances and for that we covet your prayers. We started this process after much prayer and because someone generously provided a large gift to us so that we could begin the process. We had an amount in mind. This person called and wanted to give us exactly that amount. Well, we’ve hit another wall and we’re waiting to see what the Lord does.

Adoption is an expensive process. I’m sure most of you know that already but you might be surprised to find out how many people haven’t given the cost of adoption much thought. Because of the foster care system some have even thought that the adoptive family gets paid to adopt. By the time all is said and done we’ll have needed between 25 and 30 thousand dollars to bring our son (or daughter) home from Ethiopia.

We have another payment due in the near future and it has turned out to be twice what we thought it was going to be. So we’re trusting God to provide. We named the blog, “He Sets the Lonely in Families” because we believe that when it’s all said and done it will be God who has placed this child in our home.


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